Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the creation/sharing of new Google/Facebook accounts and by entering into an agreement with Next Gen Workers, you are bound thereby.

  • “Account Creation”: the process of creating the Google/Facebook account with Owner’s name that will be shared.
  • “Sharing”: the act of directly connecting/sharing a Google/Facebook account with “Next Gen Workers”, their respective agents, subcontractors, officers, directors and employees.
  • “Owner”: the person who created the Google/Facebook account that is being shared.
  • “Ad/Advertising Account”: the Google/Facebook advertising account associated with accounts created by Owner.
  • “Creation Fee”: the amount paid to the account owner for a successful account creation.
  • “Weekly Payment”: the amount paid to the account owner at the end of each week their account is in use by Next Gen Workers.
  • “Account Administrator”: the person actively managing the Ad Account on behalf of Next Gen Workers and who will be added to oversee the profile’s Ad Accounts.
  • “Referral Fee”: the amount paid to someone for referring another Advertising Account Owner for a successful account creation.
  • “Facebook Page”: the Facebook page published using account created by Owner.
  • “Page Administrator”: adding an Account Administrator as an administrator to the Facebook page created on accounts created by Owner.
  • “Ad Account Administrator”: adding an Account Administrator as an administrator to the Google/Facebook Ad Account on accounts created by Owner.
  • “Advertisement”: the advertisements published by Next Gen Workers on accounts created by Owner.
  • “Payment Method”: Owner’s chosen method for receiving Creation Fee and Weekly Payments.

We will not sell, transfer, or make public your account credentials or personal information. Any communication and documents received will be held in confidence, and will never be disseminated, sold, or given to anyone.

Promise of Ownership
The Owner guarantees and warrants that they are the legal owner of the profile and Ad Account and they are the only person with access. Furthermore the Owner guarantees and warrants and that there is no wrongdoing in creating or acquiring the account. Furthermore, Owner guarantees and warrants that they do not need or depend on the ability to advertise on Google/Facebook.

Owner agrees to indemnify Next Gen Workers if they have in any way violated the Promise of Ownership clause.

Once the login information (email and password) of created account(s) has been provided to Next Gen Workers, and direct connection is successfully setup and verified by Next Gen Workers, Owner will be paid the Creation Fee: $10 per created account, with a maximum of one Google account and one Facebook account. Following one full week (seven days) of Owner’s computer remaining online at all times/direct connection successfully maintained, Next Gen Workers will begin sending weekly payments of $10 to Owner. If Owner’s computer goes offline at any time during this period, Owner must make best attempts to return online status to Owner’s computer. If Owner’s computer remains offline for more than 24 hours, Next Gen Workers will have discretion as to whether to continue making payments.

Payment Method
Next Gen Workers will pay Owner via their choice of either PayPal or Venmo.

Termination of Account Sharing
Sharing period shall end on the day that the ad account is no longer in use. Next Gen Workers at its sole discretion may decide that it no longer requires the account and can discontinue the Sharing period. Sharing period may also be terminated if any Ad Account is deactivated by either Owner or Google/Facebook, or if there is a material breach of these Terms.

Material Breach
The following will be considered a material breach. In the event of a material breach Next Gen Workers will not be responsible for paying any future payments:
  • Changing Created account login credentials during the term of use by Next Gen Workers.
  • Pausing, stopping, changing, or interfering in any way with Next Gen Workers’ advertisements.
  • Deleting or removing Next Gen Workers Account Administrator from Facebook Page.
  • Deleting or removing Next Gen Workers Account Administrator from the Ad Account Administrator role.
  • Using Next Gen Workers’ payment method for any purpose other than to pay for Advertisements created by Next Gen Workers.
  • Letting any other person or company access or use Created account.
  • Logging into Created account(s) with any new device or location that has not been logged in from previous to this Sharing period.
  • Logging in to Google/Facebook Ads Manager for any reason.