How It Works



To see if your account is eligible for $530/year via PayPal, we just ask that you follow these simple steps below to create the Business Managers:

1. Go to (a new tab will open)
2. At the top right corner of the screen, click that blue “Create Account” button:

Then just fill out the short form that appears. What you enter isn’t all that important, but Facebook is more likely to approve it when using your own info.

For example, if your name was John Smith, the answers could look something like this:

For the “Business and Account Name” field above, you can enter whatever you like. Be creative, or just enter your name with a “1” beside it (you’ll be creating a 2nd one as well).

“Your Name” field will be automatically filled in, and you can use your regular email for “Your Business Email” field.

Click the “Next” button, then you’ll be taken to the final part:

For the Business Phone Number field, just use your number – and for Website, use the domain of your email address (gmail, yahoo, etc).

Click “Submit” and if all goes well🤞 you’ll be taken to a dashboard like this:

And THIS means the FIRST BUSINESS MANAGER has been created – which means your account QUALIFIES and we’ll DEFINITELY BE PAYING YOU!! 🎉🤑

Just do it once more (back to, rinse and repeat) with the only difference being “Business and Account Name” (again, you can be creative, or just enter your name with “2” beside it this time).

Hopefully this all makes sense! I recommend reading through it once, then use it step-by-step when actually entering the info. 👍

Once you’ve created the Business Managers, just take a screenshot of the dashboard that you see after submitting the info (with both Business Manager Accounts visible, as in the screenshot above) and upload it here: