Getting Started



Americans now qualify for FREE INTERNET in exchange for helping their fellow small business owners.

$60 per month/​$780 per year for taking less than 5 literal minutes to help other Americans grow their business and continue to run advertising to their local audience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are Americans getting free internet? And why?

You’ll receive $15 weekly payments via PayPal, for a total of $60/month. Here’s how it works:

  • Google and Facebook have amazing advertising platforms for small businesses. Many of our clients would love to advertise their business on these platforms, but can no longer use their account. Typically, this is because they tried to run ads and didn’t properly comply with Google/Facebook’s strict advertising policies, and their account was subsequently disabled.
  • This is where you come in! As long as you have never run ads on Google or Facebook, then you are a perfect candidate for getting paid to create and share accounts with us!
  • For creating one Google and one Facebook account, you’ll receive $10 each – for an initial payment of $20. Right now, this is the maximum we can buy from you, as it would raise suspicions with Google/Facebook if you create multiple new accounts – likely rendering all of them disabled and useless.
  • Here’s the twist: As part of this agreement, you’ll run a simple tool that runs in the background and allows us to direct connect in order to use these new accounts without raising any flags for Google/Facebook. You’re welcome to use this little tool on any Windows computer connected to the internet, it doesn’t have to be your primary computer, and it never interferes with your ability to use the computer.
  • IMPORTANT: This will not work if you simply create the accounts and share the login info with us. The direct connection is absolutely vital to the success of this operation and keeping the accounts intact.
  • In exchange for keeping your computer on & connected to the internet 24/7, your internet will be paid by us in the form of $15/weekly PayPal payments forever. This equates to $60 PER MONTH/​$780 PER YEAR! 🤑
  • ​Referrals: Earn even more by referring unlimited friends – $20/Referral 

Is this a scam?

No, we are a Marketing/­­​Freelance Agency based in Livingston, TX and our clientele consist of small business owners who would like to run ads with Facebook or Google, but cannot because their account has been disabled. This often happens to new advertisers who are not well-versed in the strict and ever-evolving policies and rules of these platforms. All advertising payments are made with our own PayPal account directly to Facebook and Google – you and your personal account have zero exposure to the advertising risks/costs.

Will my accounts be safe?

Yes, we do NOT want access to your own (real) account, nor will we ever ask for it. You will create brand new accounts with your real name, as Google and Facebook are extremely well-equipped to detect fake names. Additionally, if an account is ever disabled and requires proof of identification, you’d be expected to provide us a scanned copy of your driver’s license or passport to re-enable the account. This will allow us to continue using it, and thus paying you $15 every week in perpetuity.

Can I change my mind?

Sure, if you no longer wish to direct connect with us and share access, simply let us know and our agreement will end, payments will be discontinued, and we will cease using the account.